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Best Approach To Raleigh NC Homes

There are many communities in the Raleigh real estate market. Downtown is the perfect urban environment with walk up everything from dining to shopping and entertainment. Midtown is a little less compact but still very urban with shopping, dining and a little more diversity in condos and single family homes on somewhat average size lots. Homes here are still pricey with an midrange price in the $800,000s. 


Higher priced homes in compact surroundings. Hitting the $1M mark happens fast as you look at this market.


Condos, townhomes and single-family detached homes are in midtown, just as in downtown but a bit on the larger side and on larger lots and spaces as well.

West Raleigh

West Raleigh can still easily run you $600K but lower prices are readily available for many of the less new homes.

Holly Springs Small Town Great Place To Call Home

Holly Springs Small Town Great Place To Call Home

One of the things that used to be a lot more attractive about moving to one of the better known cities in the Research Triangle was the relatively small town feel and relaxed living that accompanies it. Many towns and cities in the Raleigh NC have doubled in size in the last few decades and you can really feel the urbanization in the impacted areas. Cities tend to run across borders so that the only way you can tell you’ve left one and entered another is a street sign informing you of the boundary. The edge of town may have been desirable for some but now there often is no edge. You may as well be in Los Angeles or New York.

Holly Springs is different. First, its population is still a modest 24,000. Second, homes are much more spacious – inside and out. Compare the views of two randomly selected homes below and it becomes clear there is a real benefit in what you get as well as where you are situated.

Holly Springs House – $645K
Raleigh House – $550K

Where would you rather live? Maybe proximity to a job is really important but for many, the Holly Springs home has a lot more to offer.

Why Consider a Cary NC Home

Why Consider a Cary NC Home

Cary, North Carolina was little more than a sleepy drive-by town back in 1991 when the population was 45,000. Fast forward to today and the population is estimated to be just over 170,000?

You can certainly call up the usual suspects, proximity to Raleigh, the entire influence of the research triangle with its research universities, NC State University, Duke university, and university of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Over time, the US office of management and budget redefined federal statistical areas and created the Raleigh – Cary NC metro area. Cary has essentially merged with the entire urban landscape of the overall research triangle. Nevertheless, the median price of a home in Cary is $400,000 making housing somewhat more affordable than areas like Central and West Raleigh.

Cary NC home

Cary certainly represents the ideal community for family living with exceptional marks for education, safety, and jobs. Homes in Cary are still affordable compared to many other local markets. From shopping to entertainment to championship golf courses, Cary is an ideal place to call home.

Raleigh Homes Aren’t Getting Any Cheaper

Raleigh Homes Aren’t Getting Any Cheaper

We’ll just pick a community here almost at random to see what a home cost if you’re looking for good deals in the Raleigh North Carolina real estate market. That community is Rolesville,Rated as one of the better communities to live in while having somewhat lower home prices. Nevertheless, you can expect to pay fairly high prices for a home. The median sales price has gone up almost 10% in this community to a level of $405,000. Some homes are cheaper, but not by a lot and other homes are more expensive, sometimes quite a bit more. Multiple offers are common even for homes that are undergoing repairs or renovations. Don’t expect turnkey homes for bargain prices. You’d best head further south or east for that. A Raleigh home is usually a great find but you’ll definitely pay for what you get. Get professional help to keep your investment viable.

Rolesville home sold 410K