Holly Springs NC homes Sale Prices Absolutely Soaring This Year

Looking for top places to invest in real estate this year?

If you’ve heard of the booming property markets in North Carolina, then you might be wondering, “Is Holly Springs a good rental market?”

Good news: buying an investment property in Holly Springs is an excellent move in 2021.

The Holly Springs housing market area ranked #1 (the Raleigh/Durham housing market, specifically) in the PwC and Urban Land Institute’s “2021 Emerging Trends in Real Estate” report. Despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the Holly Springs real estate market is hot and heating up heading into 2021.

Holly Springs (Raleigh area) Housing Market Statistics 2020

Let’s take a quick look at how the Holly Springs real estate market is performing right now. This will provide some insight into why Holly Springs been rated a top market for 2021.

Median Property Price: $477,440

Price per Square Foot: $197

For Sale Listings: 1,015

Price to Rent Ratio: 27

Monthly Traditional Rental Income: $1,485

Traditional Cash on Cash Return: 2.2%

Average Airbnb Daily Rate: $132

Monthly Airbnb Rental Income: $2,617

Airbnb Cash on Cash Return: 3.6%

Airbnb Occupancy Rate: 65%

6 Reasons Why the Holly Springs Housing Market 2021 Will Be a Top Market

Why will the Holly Springs housing market be #1 for 2021?

In-Migration Will Cause the Renter Population to Increase

Currently, the renter population in Raleigh is high – around 51%. The renter population in the Holly Springs housing market will continue increasing due to the city’s steady in-migration rates. Holly Springs Shouldn’t be much different.

As stated in the “2021 Emerging Trends in Real Estate” report, the Holly Springs area housing market is one of the Magnet markets. Holly Springs falls under the subcategory of 18-hour cities, indicating that it is a major attraction for young people seeking the up-and-coming lifestyle, culture, and work opportunities the city offers. This age group is typically known for being renters and thus, 2021 will likely see the Holly Springs renter population go up. But there’s another factor at play here, too, besides demographics: affordability.

Occupancy Rates Will Be High Due to Lack of Affordability

In addition to the population of young people growing, affordability plays a factor in the profitability of this rental market.

The price to rent ratio in Holly Springs is extremely high: 27. This means that the vast majority of Holly Springs residents will find it far more affordable to rent than buy homes. A high price to rent ratio is a good sign for real estate investors because they will experience high occupancy rates. And with the Holly Springs real estate market forecast 2021 showing an increase in home values, more and more people will be priced out of the market and into rental properties.

Best Neighborhoods in Raleigh for Traditional Investment

#1. Northeast Raleigh

Median Property Price: $272,544

Price per Square Foot: $138

Price to Rent Ratio: 17

Monthly Traditional Rental Income: $1,365

Traditional Cash on Cash Return: 3.4%

#2. Falls of Neuse

Median Property Price: $445,142

Price per Square Foot: $191

Price to Rent Ratio: 20

Monthly Traditional Rental Income: $1,865

Traditional Cash on Cash Return: 3.0%

#3. North Central

Median Property Price: $561,561

Price per Square Foot: $295

Price to Rent Ratio: 21

Monthly Traditional Rental Income: $2,218

Traditional Cash on Cash Return: 2.7%

#4. South Central

Median Property Price: $407,637

Price per Square Foot: $237

Price to Rent Ratio: 20

Monthly Traditional Rental Income: $1,719

Traditional Cash on Cash Return: 2.7%

#5. East Raleigh

Median Property Price: $272,724

Price per Square Foot: $159

Price to Rent Ratio: 19

Monthly Traditional Rental Income: $1,228

Traditional Cash on Cash Return: 2.5%

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Multifamily Properties in Holly Springs and anywhere near Raleigh Will Be Profitable

Real estate investors who are interested in taking on multifamily properties should consider the Holly Springs housing market. While most types of Holly Springs rental properties are set to perform exceptionally well in 2021, 72% of real estate analysts recommend buying multifamily property in Raleigh, according to the “2021 Emerging Trends in Real Estate” report. Find a top-performing multifamily home for sale in Holly Springs now by visiting HPW.

Find it here: https://www.hpw.com/Holly Springs-north-carolina-real-estate-and-homes.html

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