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February 8, 2021

Raleigh Homes Aren’t Getting Any Cheaper

We’ll just pick a community here, almost at random, to see what a home cost if you’re looking for good deals in the Raleigh North Carolina real estate market. That community is Rolesville,Rated as one of the better communities to live in while having somewhat lower home prices. Nevertheless, you can expect to pay fairly high prices for a home. The median sales price has gone up almost 10% in this community to a level of $405,000. Some homes are cheaper, but not by a lot and other homes are more expensive, sometimes quite a bit more. Multiple offers are common even for homes that are undergoing repairs or renovations. Don’t expect turnkey homes for bargain prices. You’d best head further south or east for that. A Raleigh home is usually a great find but you’ll definitely pay for what you get. Get professional help to keep your investment viable.

Rolesville home sold 410K

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Raleigh Homes Aren’t Getting Any Cheaper

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