February 8, 2021

Why Consider a Cary NC Home

Cary, North Carolina was little more than a sleepy drive-by town back in 1991 when the population was 45,000. Fast forward to today and the population is estimated to be just over 170,000?

You can certainly call up the usual suspects, proximity to Raleigh, the entire influence of the research triangle with its research universities, NC State University, Duke university, and university of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Over time, the US office of management and budget redefined federal statistical areas and created the Raleigh – Cary NC metro area. Cary has essentially merged with the entire urban landscape of the overall research triangle. Nevertheless, the median price of a home in Cary is $400,000 making housing somewhat more affordable than areas like Central and West Raleigh.

Cary NC home

Cary certainly represents the ideal community for family living with exceptional marks for education, safety, and jobs. Homes in Cary are still affordable compared to many other local markets. From shopping to entertainment to championship golf courses, Cary is an ideal place to call home.

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Why Consider a Cary NC Home

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